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Dangab Sandha Oil (Sanda Oil)

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Dangab Sandha Oil (also named as Sanda Oil) is known as magic oil for men. It helps in treating many male sexual related problems like small size, erection problem, thickness, sexual performance, ejaculatory pressure, premature ejaculation along with other benefits. 


How does Dangab Sandha Oil work?

When  Oil (Sanda Oil) rubbed on Penis it absorbed into the Blood Stream and increases the blood circulation and expand the interior cavity of the penis. As a result it causes your erectile chamber (corpora cavernosa) to expand and enlarge.

Dangab Sandha Oil (Sanda Oil) is conceived to directly load androstenedione (the testosterone/estrogen precursor), Vitamin E and other therapeutic herbs to the penile tissues and cells. This will assist rejuvenate the neuro-arterial synapses for cell regeneration.

Dangab Sandha Oil (Sanda Oil) acts on the skin, and also on the inner layer as well as the skin sub layer. The skin sub layer is crammed with capillaries and veins.

Dangab Sandha Oil (Sanda Oil) acts on this layer of the skin from outside in as it gets absorbed. The penile spongy-structure tissues avert the

Dangab Sandha Oil (Sanda Oil) from piercing into the core of the two penile cylinders. It necessitates a harder erection for the Dangab Sandha Oil (Sanda Oil) to get into the core of the penile cylinders. The vacant hollow spaces in the spongy tissues are the obstruction of the chemical diffusion (penetration) for the Dangab Sandha Oil (Sanda Oil). Substantial filling the spongy tissues with blood will allow the Dangab Sandha Oil (Sanda Oil) ingredients to disperse into the core for curative action and renewal.

Are there any side effects of Dangab Sandha Oil

This product does not contain controlled drugs, petroleum derivatives or harmful chemicals. The production of this product is in a controlled manufacturing environment which has Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification. We use only the highest quality natural herbs & oil in producing this product. The product is 100% safe and poses no risk to your health. An independent laboratory has tested this product for microbial activity and heavy metals.

  • 100% Natural
  • No healing Crisis or known side effects.
  • It contains no chemicals, Colors or preservatives.
  • No known contra-indication
  • Apply Oil on penis shaft but not on glans or scrotum
  • Massage the penis shaft gently till Oil fully absorbed.
  • Do not use water till 30 minutes after the massage of Oil.
  • Apply 8 to 10 drops twice a day for at least 3 months.
  • 100% Natural. No side-effects
  • Strengthen and expand the Penile Muscles
  • Improve and Enhance Harder Erection
  • Helps Longer Sexual Performance
  • Help to increase male vigor
  • Repairs damaged veins from over masturbate.
  • Premature Ejaculation


  • Unit: 1 bottle
  • Size: 15ml