Divya Patanjali Shuddh Shilajeet (R.T) Pure Syrup

Divya Patanjali Shuddh Shilajeet (R.T) Pure Syrup

Divya / Patanjali

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Benefits offered by Divya Shuddha Shilajeet

1.Divya Shuddha Shilajeet helps in increasing overall body strength and vigour for normal and most optimal performance of all the functions relevant to both physical as well as mental aspect of it.

2.People suffering from general body weakness and especially the elderly are benefitted to great extent with the use of this herbal formula. This in turn helps in getting rid of physical weakness in a natural way.

3.All the body cells, tissues, parts and organs are properly and completely nourished so that these may keep on working normally and most optimally.

4.Overall body immunity is improved which in turn helps in increasing capability and efficiency of the body to fight against infectious microbes and the diseases caused due to same in better manner. As a result, frequency of occurrence of such health problems is also reduced considerably. The concerned person can enjoy good health naturally.

5.Divya Shuddha Shilajeet is even efficient in treatment and prevention of diseases including general body weakness, diabetes, heart problems, asthma, bronchitis, cough, cold etc. Divya Shuddha Shilajeet is even good for skin health. It helps in rejuvenation of the skin cells and tones the same deeply. Consequently, young appearance of the skin is retained for long time.

6.Divya Shuddha Shilajeet exhibits anti-ageing properties which help in delaying the process of ageing of the skin, hairs and other body parts.


How to use Divya Shuddha Shilajeet?

People suffering from different health issues are advised to take 1-2 drops of Divya Shuddha Shilajeet along with hot milk or water two times in a day. Even it can be used for prolonged time periods as it is totally safe in all respects.


Tips for general body weakness

People suffering from general body weakness should drink plenty of water so as to clear out toxins, chemicals or other wastes from the body.

Have a well-balanced and nutritious diet so as to supply all the essential nutrients required for good health and normal body functions.

Avoid junk, processed and canned foods, instead you must increase intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet.


  • Unit: 1 Container
  • Size: 20g Syrup



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